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Feanolla 75mcg Oral Contraceptive Tablets

Product Code: DES155G

Key Points:

  • For 18 years and over.
  • More than 99% effective if taken correctly.
  • (NHS choices).
  • Taken every day (no pill free week).
Patient Information Leaflet:
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Quick Overview

Progestogen-only pills (POP) contain a progestogen hormone. These hormones alter the processes that take place during the female monthly cycle to help prevent pregnancy.
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How to buy Feanolla oral contraceptive pills online:

In order to buy Feanolla oral contraceptive tablets online in the UK you need a prescription. Our convenient online service allows you to obtain a prescription and order your Feanolla pills online without seeing a prescriber face-to-face.

1. Click the green button 'Add to cart' and choose your preferred quantity of Feanolla pills to buy.

2. Fill in our brief assessment questionnaire online.

3. Our online prescriber will review your information and approve appropriate treatment.

About Feanolla tablets:

Feanolla pills are progestogen only oral contraceptive tablets. Feanolla contraceptive tablets contain the active ingredient desogestrel 75mcg and do not contain oestrogen. The Feanolla contraceptive tablet is safe for patients who can't take oestrogens due to high blood pressure or being overweight. Breast-feeding women can also take Feanolla safely as an oral contraceptive (MHRA). Feanolla 75mcg tablets were given a market authorisation by the MHRA in 2012.

What are Progestogen only Pills?

Progestogen-only pills (POP) such as Feanolla contain a progestogen hormone. These hormones alter the processes that take place during the female monthly cycle to help prevent pregnancy. When taken correctly Feanolla is more than 99% effective at preventing pregnancy (NHS Choices). Feanolla differs from other mini-pills because the active ingredient prevents the egg cells from ripening as well as preventing sperm from entering the womb.

What are the risks?

The progestogen-only pills are very safe to take.(NHS CHOICES)

Some women can develop ovarian cysts.

There is a slight increase in the risk of developing breast cancer.

Pills do not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.

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Feanolla is different from

other mini-pills in having a dose that in most
cases prevents the egg cell from ripening. As
a result, Feanolla is
a highly effective
In contrast to the combined pill, F
eanolla can be used by women who do not
tolerate oestrogens and by women who are br
east feeding. A disadvantage is that vaginal
bleeding may occur at irregular intervals during
the use of Feanolla. On the other hand the
patient may not have
any bleeding at all.
  • Product Code:DES155G
Desogestrel 75mcg
Please see the electronic information leaflet for more details.
Take ONE tablet every day. It is important that you take the tablet at the same time every day.

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