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Emla Cream 5g

Product Code: Emla Cream 5g

Key Points:

  • Applied directly to the penis to reduce sensitivity.
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Quick Overview

Emla Cream is a local anaesthetic cream which desensitizes the end of the penis.
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About Emla Cream

What is Emla Cream?

Emla Cream is a local anaesthetic cream which desensitizes the end of the penis and is applied 30 minutes before sexual activity as instructed and wiped off before sex (to prevent transfer of cream to your partner to reduce their enjoyment). The procedure can be reviewed after the first application to suit requirements. More numbing would need slightly more than 30 minutes and more cream applied. Less numbing would need less time and or less cream. The optimum would be different for each man and it is likely to require a bit of trial and error to get it right. Too much numbing will cause loss of sensation but increased time of activity and too little will result in more sensation but decreased sexual time.

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What else can I do for premature ejaculation:

Trying thicker skinned condoms can reduce the sensitivity of the penis to allow a longer
sexual experience.
Priligy tablets.
Taking a deep breath to temporarily shut down the ejaculatory reflex.
Withdrawing before ejaculation to take a small break and calm before trying again.
Counselling therapy.

  • Product Code:Emla Cream 5g
Emla cream contains lidocaine and prilocaine.
Apply a small amount of cream to the sensitive area at the end of the penis about 30 minutes before sexual activity. Wipe off before sexual activity.
Can cause paleness, redness and mild sensations (itching or warmth).

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