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Oral contraception and Period Delay | Total Online Prescriptions

Oral contraception and Period Delay

Oral contraception and Period Delay

Totalonlineprescriptions.co.uk provides convenient access to contraception, emergency contraception and period delay products using our online prescriber service.

There are many different methods of contraception available which work in various different ways. You can explore the options, learn about how they work and which method of contraception suits you best, as the NHS has provided an introduction to contraception options. If you need to find your nearest sexual health clinic, you can also do this online by entering your postcode into the search.

You can find out about various contraception options using the My Contraception Tool, which has been developed by Brook to help give you an overview of which form of contraception is best for your lifestyle and health circumstances. The FPA also provides a contraception guide.

You can learn more about your medication, the advantages and disadvantages of different types of pill and get information for scenarios such as taking a pill late or missing a pill on the combined pill and progestogen-only pill pages.

A sexual health self-assessment is available on NHS Choices to help you refresh your knowledge on sexual health and STIs. A text and webchat service which provides sexual health information and support to under-25s is available from Brook.

Contraception is available free of charge for most people in the UK from your GP or practice nurse, GUM clinics, sexual health services and community contraception clinics etc. However, if you struggle to organise your regular prescription for oral contraceptive tablets as you find it difficult to see your GP at a convenient time, you could consider ordering your pill from our online prescriber service. Once you have completed the online safety check and placed an order for the required amount of tablets, our on-site prescriber will review your order and assess whether it is safe to provide the tablets.

If you would like a pack where you take a tablet each day, even during your period, to help you remember to keep taking them after the break week, look for packs marked with -ED.

If you are taking combined oral contraceptives it is possible to delay your period by taking two packs without a week’s break. If you use another form of contraception, there is an option to order a medication which delays the start of your period. This can be useful for special occasions, such as holidays and weddings.

There is an express delivery option, meaning your order can be guaranteed for next day delivery, which could be useful if you are starting to run out of your medication. All orders are sent in discreet packaging.

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